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Do you really need to drink bought water in a plastic bottle?

It’s Water Week and with the plastic pollution situation globally not really easing up we need to ask ourselves to what extent we are contributing to the situation by buying bottled water if we can safely drink tap water.

5 facts about Human Rights Day in South Africa

On 21 March of every year, South Africa celebrates Human Rights Day to commemorate The Sharpeville Massacre. Here are five facts around the public holiday.

10 hacks for the household

In this fast paced world we live in, who has the time and money to waste on something that could be simplified? Follow these low-budget household tips and tricks.

Anti-Racism Week: Food is the uniting force around the world

Human beings are very good at discriminating against each other but the one thing we collectively agree on is good food. Just take a look at the origins of different crops and food items that have traveled the world.

Quiz: How prejudiced are you?

Almost everybody harbours preconceived perceptions about one group or another. How can we fight prejudice in society if we are not aware of our own? Take this quiz to find out how prejudiced you are.