Domestic Employment Wanted

MANTWA seeks work as a domestic Monday to Friday. Ref +44- 1621‑892‑093. Mantwa 073‑218‑3776 - SI053601

BEAUTY (ZIM) seeks domestic/ childminder/ caregiver/ frail care work full- time. Ref 082‑816‑7833. Beauty 064‑186‑5458 - SI053602

LUCIA (ZIM) seeks domestic/ childminder/ caregiver/ office cleaner work full-time. Ref 078‑640‑2618. Lucia 063‑858‑2205 - SI053603

SIKHULEKILE (ZIM) seeks domestic/ childminder/ office cleaner work full- time. Ref 072‑110‑7484. Direct 078‑204‑6509 - SI053606

CHIPPIE (MWN) seeks work as a domestic Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Ref 073‑638‑3611. Chippie 083‑755‑8738 - SI053612

AGNESS (MWN) seeks domestic/ childminder/ office cleaner work full- time with accom. Ref 082‑578‑0468. Direct 060‑423‑7174 - SI053621

ANNIE (ZIM) seeks domestic/ childminder/ office cleaner full-time. Ref 073‑604‑4478. Direct 074‑915‑9862 - SI053543

MEMORY (ZIM) honest, reliable lady seeks work as a domestic full-time. Ref 073‑857‑7576. Direct 076‑578‑2121 - SI053553

SIKHANYISILE (ZIM) seeks domestic/ caregiver/ office cleaner work full-time or Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur. Has ref. Direct 074‑638‑2590 - SI053558

MIRIAM seeks domestic work Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Has references. Direct 076‑511‑4648 - SI053575

KHULULIWE seeks work as a domestic full-time Monday to Friday. Has references. Direct 072‑428‑3802 - SI053582

MALAWIAN COUPLE WILLIAM AND MAGIE MAGIE seeks domestic work. JOHN is a gardener and painter, they seeks work full/ part- time with accom, refs and 8 yrs experience. 074‑522‑4215 - SI053598

PALESA Requires domestic employment on a full-time basis. Sleep in. 083‑996‑1404 - MS070113

TSHIDI Very experienced (30+ years) and thorough. Seeking perm domestic employment on Mon, Wed & Thu. Has childminding experience. 079‑385‑6789. For Refs phone Eben 083‑275‑4801 / Fran 084‑872‑ 2533 - ML024996