Domestic Employment Wanted

FERNDALE AREA Seek SA lady. Tues + Fri, Req refs + 5yrs exp. R170/day. Must be reliable & honest. 011‑326‑1965 (9am - 4pm) - TY017290

EUNICE Seeks domestic employment on a full-time basis. Without accommodation. Has refs. 072‑752‑3345 - NN006116

FLORENCE (MWN) seeks domestic/ childminder work part/ full-time with accom. 062‑713‑4853 / 060‑417‑0118 - SI054190

TINA seeks domestic/ childminder/ caregiver/ frail care/ office cleaner full/ part-time. Ref 082‑226‑6217. Direct 082‑226‑6217 - SI054193

STELLA (mwn) seek domestic,office cleaner,child minder work full/part-time. 078‑550‑4213 - DB000559

BEAUTY seeks domestic, child minder,care giver ,frail care full/part-time has ref. 064‑186‑5458 - DB000563

VUYISWA seeks domestic, office cleaner work part-time mon,wed,thurs and fri has ref 082‑772‑6425 076‑181‑6642 - DB000564