Legal Notices

AFRICAN LEADERSHIP ACADEMY FLOOD CONTROL DEVELOPMENT AND FACILITY UPGRADE NOTICE OF BASIC ASSESSMENT FOR THE PROPOSED AFRICAN LEADERSHIP ACADAMY FLOOD CONTROL DEVELOPMENT IN TERMS OF THE NATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT ACT 1998 (ACT 107 OF 1998) GDARD Ref: GAUT 002/17-18/E0003 Notice is hereby given of the public participation process being undertaken in terms of the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations made under the NEMA and published in GNR 983(Listing Notice 1) in Government Gazette 38282 on 4th December 2014. In accordance with these regulations the project will be subject to Basic Impact Assessment. PROJECT LOCATION The project site forms part of the African Leadership Academy which is located on 279 Laser Park, City of Johannesburg, Gauteng. PROJECT DESCRIPTION The proposed African Leadership Academy (ALA) flood control development and facility upgrade maily be the rehabilitation of the stream to accommodate for flooding and will include the following: removal of the alien invasive plant species; re-shaping of the stream banks; construction of a system of weirs (11 weirs that will be constructed in phases); construction of a bridge / access road; construction of the parking area; vegetable garden; construction of pedestrian bridge and re- vegetation of the stream and riparian buffer zone PROPONENT African Leadership Academy Application for Environmental Authorisation will include the following listed activities as per the National Environmental Management Act (Act 107 of 1998) Regulations: Listing notice 1: Activity, 12 and 19 OPPORTUNITY TO PARTICIPATE The draft Basic Assessment (BA) Report is available for comments. Parties wishing to formally object to and/or comment on this proposed BA process or the draft BA Report are requested to forward their comments/objections (with reasons) in writing to the contact person below, by not later than 31 May 2017. Further information may also be obtained and comments may be submitted by post, fax or email using the contact details listed below. Environmental Assessment Practitioner Newtown Landscape Architects cc Erika van den Heever 011 462 6967 086 443 9170 PO Box 36, Fourways, 2055 This assessment is conducted on behalf of African Leadership Academy - ML025169

NOTIFICATION OF MAJOR HAZARD INSTALLATION: UPGRADE OF COMPRESSED NATURAL GAS FACILITY AT ROYAL CANIN, EPSOM AVENUE NORTH RIDING, GAUTENG Notice is hereby given in accordance with Section 3(b) of the Major Hazard Installation Regulations R.692 of 30 July 2001 that Virtual Gas Network (Pty) Ltd appointed the below mentioned independent approved inspection authority to conduct a Major Hazard Installation risk assessment following upgrade of the compressed natural gas daughter station, owned, operated and managed by Virtual Gas Network (Pty) Ltd at Royal Canin, Epsom Avenue, North Riding Gauteng. Bureau for International Risk Assessments (Pty) Ltd Postnet Suite 297 Private Bag X2 Helderkruin ROODEPOORT 1733 Tel 011‑768‑7832 Fax 011‑764‑ 1329 The risk assessment report that confirms the major hazard installation status of the facility can be obtained in hard copy or electronic format from Virtual Gas Network (Pty) Ltd at the following address: Mr Walter Mogapi Technical and Compliance Manager CNG Holdings (Pty) Ltd PO Box 914 North Riding 2162 Tel 011‑704‑0670 Fax 086- 550- 2008 Comments on the Major Hazardous Installation and the Risk Assessment may be submitted to the Provincial Chief Inspector (Gauteng) of the Department of Labour within 60 days of publication of this advertisement. - ML025171