Winning ‘stuff’ on stage

Candace Kerwan wins Showcase 2013.

Bryanston resident Candace Kerwan showed her winning ‘stuff’ to bag Showcase 2013.

Kerwan is a student of Penny Bramwell-Jones who runs the Voice2Act in Blairgowrie. The theme for Showcase 2013 was ‘stuff’ where all the participants delivered monologues at the Playstation Theatre at the Moth Hall in Parkhurst.

“It is about ordinary people with day jobs who want to express themselves on stage,” Kerwan said. “Some of the monologues were excerpts from films or books. Each performance was unique and the audience could get an inside perspective of what goes into the art of acting and what comes out of a person who is able to connect to their authentic self.”

Kerwan has been involved in performing since she was very young. “My sister is a student of Penny’s, and that is how I started attending her classes,” she said. “I have come to find that you are in a very safe environment when you work with her. She pulls the best from you.”

To Kerwan the expression of emotions was one of the aspects she concentrated most on. “I did not even think about winning,” she said. “I just had such a passion for the piece.

“Why do you watch your favourite movie again and again? Because it gets you in a good head space, it uplifts you. And that is what the play did for me. The award was like the cherry on top.”

AJ Opperman

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