Gearing up for the tournament

Donald De La Mare practices his swing at Jab Boxing club.

Amateur boxers are gearing up for a boxing tournament to held on 29 April in Sun City. One of the boxing club which is preparing its amateur boxers for the tournament is the Jab boxing club. Thabiso Montse, a coach at Jab boxing club said the amateurs are ready for their fights. “All women fighters and young boys have been preparing well and I am sure they will do well on the 29th,” he said.

Donald De La Mare (17) is one of the youngest boxers at Jab boxing and some are as young as 10 years old.

“Boxing has helped me get off the streets and since I started, I have become fit and healthier,” he explained.

De La Mare said since his brother convinced him to start boxing, he enjoys fighting. “The first time I fought I was very scared but now I have gotten more comfortable,” he explained.

This young boxer hopes to go professional but he said, he is hesitant to fight a girl.

“The day I am asked to fight a girl I will just stand and be hit. I don’t hit women even in a match,” he said shaking his head.

According to De La Mare “girls” don’t like it when he fights as a result of the dangers associated with it. One of the women boxers, Leigh Williams (29) said she was inspired by Mohammed Alli and Mike Tyson to become a boxer.

“Female boxing is not taken seriously as a sport in South Africa but we train as hard and we can throw a punch,” explained Williams.

Bill Kobras (31) a lawyer, started boxing two years ago but has always been interested in it but never had an opportunity to until he met Montse.

“Schools should consider having boxing as a sport because there are lot of pupils that are interested in it,” he reckoned.

As a result of the intensive training Montse which gives to all the amateur boxers at his club he said they are not afraid of getting hurt in the ring they are ready for 29 April.

Details: JAB Boxing 083 928 1310.

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