Kim Kardashian’s facelift now available

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Hollywood’s celebrities are infamous for their drastic measures to hold on to youth, such as Kim Kardashian’s vampire face lift.

Now, Dr Gideon van Wyk is the first South African to do the procedure in the country, to bring every patient the A-listers’ beauty secrets.

The patient’s blood is first drawn and is placed in a machine that spins it down to separate the white and red blood cells. Micro needles are then used to open up the treated skin before the separated white cells are applied.

“White blood cells fibre blasts collagen and is then injected back into the face. It helps with the reduction of wrinkles and skin firming and can help with the fast removal of scars,” said Dr Melissa M Smith.

Van Wyk completed a course on the Vampire Facelift in Miami, USA because the procedure did not exists in the country.

“It was a week-long training course. I have the patent for the procedure in the country, which I am the only one with the legal right to do the procedure and use the name ‘Vampire Facelift,’ added Dr van Wyk.

Dr Smith said a patient can have one treatment every month but adds that people with pigmentation problems are advised to have more frequent procedures. “One treatment should last for the whole year. For the face, the treatment costs R3 500 and for the face and bust, it will cost R6 000. “It goes for $14 000 in the US,” adds Dr van Wyk.

There are 15 tiny needles used in the micro-needling process, which penetrated the first layer of the skin, which stimulates the collagen formation. This temporarily opens your pores for 15 minutes and this triggers the release of growth factors, which stimulate the production of elastin and collagen when the blood is applied.

Smith warns that some redness is expected after the procedure and that patients should not go swimming or go out into the sun 24 hours after the procedure.

“Do not wash your face or apply make-up. We will, however, give you an after care cream for you to use.”

According to the good doctors, skin renewal should be visible within two weeks and the improvement will continue for up to a year.

Alice Mpholo

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