Hammer gangs terrorise residents

Linden CPF chairperson Lara Bath warns residents to be more vigilant. File photo.

Linden Police confirmed that hammer gangs have allegedly hijacked two vehicles and are targeting residents in their driveways.

Apparently a group of three gangs in a white VW Polo and another group of two gangs driving an old VW white Jetta were terrorising the suburbs of Fontainebleau and Blairgowrie over the past few days.

Captain Alex Vermaak from the Linden SAPS said one vehicle was hijacked in Morris Avenue and the other one in Blairgowrie Drive in Blairgowrie.

He explained that over the past few days at least five incidents of hijacking occurred. “Those vehicles are not recovered yet,” Capt Vermaak explained.


He further urged residents to look out for a white Polo damaged on the right side, as it was observed to be involved in these crime incidents.

“Valuables such as jewellery and handbags were taken in these incidents. Residents should look out for stationary vehicles especially near their driveways,” he concluded.

Linden Community Policing Forum (CPF) chairperson Lara Bath explained that a group of these gangs were following their victims to their homes where they attack them in driveways. They seem to know the habits of the residents, she added.

“One man sits in a vehicle while another two on foot would approach their victims and attack them in their driveway,” she said.

She further explained that they would smash the car window with a hammer and take the valuables in the car or hijack the vehicle.

She warned that these incidents are occurring on the outskirts of the precinct where criminals could easily access the highway.

Bath further advised residents to follow the Linden CPF on Twitter to receive regular updates on crime incidents occurring in their suburbs within the Linden SAPS precinct.

“You can always look out for any suspicious activities if you have information, but without any information you cannot do anything,” she continued.

She urged residents to immediately inform their neighbours and circulate the information on the WhatsApp groups when made aware of these incidents.

“Then again, crimes only happen because there is opportunity. Residents should not drive to their homes if they see suspicious people on their driveways,” she indicated.

She concluded that most of these attacks occurred after 12pm.

Details: Linden Police 011 888 9212.

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