Knockout in the first round

Ashley Fourie and Patrick Mukala worked hard in preparation for the recent fight.

When this young man puts on his boxing gloves, one could almost be sure that he won’t waste any time before throwing a knockout punch. Patrick Mukala who trains at the Randburg Boxing Club, left spectators in awe at a recent fight.

Mukala went up against ex-World Boxing Champion, Tineyi Maridzo, on 28 May in the Super Middle Weight championship in Boskburg. According to his coach, Ashley Fourie, a fight like that is supposed to last six rounds, but Mukala knocked his opponent out in the first round in only one minute and 12 seconds. “I had very high expectations going into this fight,” said Mukala.

Fourie said that he is very excited because he believes, Mukala is capable of proving who he really is. “The World Boxing Association’s international title is the next step in line for Patrick,” said Fourie. He said that they are struggling to book fights for Mukala as he is such a worthy opponent. “He is very dedicated and practised about six hours a day for this fight,” said Fourie.

Mukala said that his parents are his biggest supporters. “I would like to once again thank the supporters who came out for this fight, as well as my parents for all the prayers before every single fight,” said Mukala. Fourie concluded that he never came across such a dedicated fighter and has high hopes for him for the future.

Details: Randburg Boxing Club, 072 297 1811.

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