Election time!

MATOME MAFUKWANE: I believe that change is coming. There are credible IEC staff members who are ensuring that elections are fair and going smoothly despite the long queues. I can only urge voters in this Bloubasrand Nautilus Park voting station to remain patient.

Election day has arrived and residents have turned up in their numbers to vote.

Voting stations are abuzz across the country as residents have come to determine who will run their wards and municipalities.

Long queues wind their way round some schools and recreation centres, while voting at other locations is as easy as one-two-three-done.

In Auckland Park, jazz music was played and tea and coffee is being served to residents. While at the Panorama sports grounds, there is reportedly only one scanner, and the queue is moving very slowly there. Furthermore, all entrances to the University of Johannesburg have been closed, except for the entrance on Ditton Avenue.

Residents were asked how they found they voting process, and here is their response:

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