Blairgowrie wins cricket festival

Players from the invitational team celebrate as Blairgowrie lose a wicket.

Cricket players of local primary schools competed in the annual cricket festival hosted at Rand Park High School.

Primary schools that participated were Blairgowrie, Randpark and IR Griffith primary schools and a mixed invitational team consisting of Grade 5 players from various schools. Blairgowrie was the triumphant school on the day.

Many parents spent the morning at the school supporting their children. “It was a great cricket atmosphere of young gentlemen enjoying a game they love while remaining committed to the goal of winning the Floating Trophy,” said Heather Robinson, Rand Park High School’s marketing, public relations and communications officer.

The Blairgowrie Primary School team takes a break between the cricket games.

The Blairgowrie Primary School team takes a break between the cricket games.

Blairgowrie battled to win against the invitational team in the final on a scorchingly hot day. They batted second and had to chase down a total of 58 in 10 overs.

Blairgowrie coach, Jamie Chait said, “We went down to our last batsman needing five runs to win. The boys managed to hold their nerve and win the game.

“I believe the structure that forces every player to bowl is brilliant in this age group as it forces your team to work as a unit. The same applies with the batsmen having to retire at 30 runs.”

Chait added that it was a great day out and his team looked forward to defending the title next year.


Ashtyn Mackenzie

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