A humane society for all to live in


Dearest residents, friends and supporters – thank you for your calls and I need to assure you from my heart that we have been working very hard. As always we have been helping the animals where we can.

The monthly Sava Animal Clinic, run totally by volunteers, has done great work, and joining Sergeant Mokwena in squatter camps was so successful. Our efforts to spread goodwill and show respect everywhere was noted by all and very much appreciated.

We are also committed to helping children and adults wherever possible, bearing in mind, that according to Nelson Mandela, a humane society will be the greatest gift for our country.

Humane education should be taught at home and at all teaching and religious institutions. The suffering of ‘end of lay’ battery chickens for sale is too terrible for words – all factory farming must be stopped.

Join up with us to create a strong group in order to team up with the government to outlaw this horror, as well as all other animal abuse which is also the root cause of increasing brutality among humans.

I have positive news for you which will enable you all to enjoy a more relaxed festive season.

I presented Mayor Herman Mashaba with an email outlining all problems concerning our region, asking him for a meeting and to come on site. He instantly took action. I received a number of responses from council officials and a variety of departments. On 16 November, a meeting was arranged at Kya Sand for me to meet with 17 council officials.

The meeting was chaired by Abigail Ndlovu, regional director from Region A. Our main problems were outlined and discussed briefly and action and constant follow-ups were guaranteed. Our once beautiful area will be restored – housing will be provided in Cosmo City – and everything will be resolved in a humane manner.

I had another meeting with David Harris, with whom I closed the Kya Sands Landfill, on 21 November. He will revive the dormant situation with regards to the golf academy. More meetings will follow and some have already been scheduled.

Region E will be taking over the reins in our area – as our new ward demarcation determined we now live in Ward 115. A working relationship has been established with Gideon Cruywagen and his team.

Our wish list contains pet food, tick and flea products, Vaseline and gifts for children and adults.

I am counting on all of you!

Details: 011 462 1445; [email protected]

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