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Leah Knott, ward 97 councillor said residents who are travelling this festive season must keep safe.

Leah Knott, Ward 97 councillor, wishes residents a Merry Christmas:

“I wish all Ward 97 residents a wonderful and festive holiday season.

“Spend time with your family and friends and take some time to appreciate the blessings that you have and the special people in your life. Johannesburg is a vibrant and busy city but we all need to take some time out for rest, recreation and to actually enjoy the benefits of all our hard work.

“If you are travelling over this period, please stay safe and take some time to rest if you are travelling long distances. With all the celebrations going on, it’s important that traffic bylaws are adhered to. With all the affordable alternatives at our disposal there really is no reason to drive while under the influence. Keep yourselves and those around you safe.

“For those working within the service, entertainment and retail industries over the holidays, know that you are appreciated, but remember to take some time for yourself as well.”

Knott can be contacted on 082 633 9070 or email [email protected]

Chantelle Fourie

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