Keeping them busy, young and old

There are ways to entertain both adults and children at your next party.


Whether you’re having a simple get-together or a massive party bash, adults and youngsters will always be present.

If you are in your 30s, chances are that most of your friends have small children. So how do you organise a party without anyone being bored out of their minds?

Urbanie Niemandt, former owner of Ettrich Guest Farm said there were always ways to entertain both adults and children at a party, you just need to know how. “Children these days don’t enjoy old fashioned sports anymore, so we always introduce them to some of the things we use to do as children,” said Niemandt.

Three-legged races, apple fishing, hide and seek, puppet shows and drawing competitions are all very simple ways to entertain the youth, she added. “If you plan on having a party that will go into late hours of the night, make sure that you have comfortable couches, a few good age-appropriate movies and a decent screen,” said Johan, Niemandt’s husband.

Furthermore, the adults can enjoy a few games as well. With adults you have to make sure that your decorations catch their eye, which will get their attention focused on the party.

For a party starter, you can make up some party rules, such as if you speak to someone without introducing yourself you will have to pay a fine. At the end of the evening, all the fines together can be the prize for the best-dressed if it is a themed event.

“A main aspect of entertainment and keeping both adults and youngsters busy is good music,” said wedding planner, Charmaine Faulds. Another way to impress or get the attention of adults is if you have waiters with punch and snacks going around the whole evening. It makes the guests feel special, she added.

“The main thing is to keep it interesting for the children and jolly for the adults,” added Niemandt.

Marnelle Greyling

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