What to look forward to this year at The People’s Theatre

From bears to beauties and from ogres to magic, The People’s Theatre is set to make your 2017 a showpiece.

The Braamfontein-based theatre will – under the artistic direction of Keith Smith and Jill Gerard – have a line-up of fabulous productions for you and your children to enjoy.

Kicking off with the all-time favourite Winnie the Pooh in March/April, the theatre presents a group of stories that speak of friends, food, birthday parties, honey, treehouses and laughter – in fact, everything a young child can dream of. AA Milne’s lovable bear character turns 91 this year.

The June/July holiday season stages Disney’s Cinderella Kids, which sees Brothers Grimm meeting the magic of Disney. With a bibbity-bobbity-boo, you will get to see how rags can become riches and get to see how dreams really can come true.

The September holidays feature an educational theatre programme, details of which will be given closer to the date.

The year will be brought to an overwhelming close with Shrek the Musical, back by popular demand. It’s the tale of a homely green ogre with a heart of gold and an eye on land restitution when it comes to his precious swamp. It features a talking donkey, a puss-in-boots and is a production that has really brought audiences back for more, time and again.

The opportunity to watch live theatre is something that will touch your child’s heart and mind forever. It will open their awareness to a whole world that can be constructed in a timespan of 90 minutes, and the thrill and drama of rough and tumble chases through the auditorium.

Song and dance and the beauty of storytelling is a gift that will carry on giving… always.

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