Councillor’s corner: Long grass, untidy pavements


This week Jonathan Ogden from Windsor East asked:

Who is responsible for the maintenance of grass and gardens on pavements? Pikitup, the Johannesburg Roads Agency or City Parks? And why?

Ward 86 councillor Philip Krugers answered:

Currently, there are many spots in the City of Johannesburg with long grass growing all over pavements and road islands. This is due to the good rains we have had in the past few months. While the rain is a sign of relief for farmers and even the dams, it causes the pavements and road islands to become overgrown and untidy.

When a resident logs a call for grass cutting on pavements with the Johannesburg Roads Agency, the agency then contracts it out to a third party with whom they have a service level agreement. Sometimes it is private companies, sometimes entities such as Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo. These contractors are then issued with a work order and would go out and clean the pavements.

When cleaning needs to be done in gardens along the roads and pavements, residents would log a call with City Parks and Zoo, who will follow a similar procedure. A company, or their own contractors, would then be issued a work order and they would take care of the gardens.

Currently, there is a backlog of grass cutting and cleaning, due to the rain, which means that more pavements and gardens need cleaning. Residents are still urged to report these issues through the correct channels.

Grass cutting and road gardens can be logged through the City’s call centre on 0860 562 874 and with an email to [email protected]

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Chantelle Fourie

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