Grade 8 pupils dive headlong into fun activity on first day

Grade 8 boys take their first dive into the pool.

Randpark High’s enthusiastic incoming Grade 8s enjoyed a day in the sun on January 10.

The excited youngsters gathered around the pool to experience high school spirit and camaraderie. This was the school’s largest group of Grade 8s, which made orientating every pupil a daunting task.

Principal Alan Wilke said the gala gave children a chance to get to know each other better. “The learners get to experience the pool and we can see possible potential for selection for the A and B swimming teams.”

Swimmers, from the experienced to enthusiastic, showed their skills. Boys and girls competed in breaststroke, freestyle, backstroke and butterfly. There were also fun races such as relays, T-shirt races and the much-enjoyed noodle race.

It was clear from the delight on their faces that the first day at their new high school would be one they would remember for a long time.

Details: Rand Park High School 011 793 1246.

Ashtyn Mackenzie

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