WATCH: Grade 2s give advice to Grade 1s

Robert and his wife Angela are proud of their little girl, Caitlyn Wason.


RANDPARK RIDGE – The air was full of excitement and there were smiles and some tears as the Grade 1s started their first day at big school.

The moms and dads bade farewell to their little munchkins at Trinityhouse Randpark Ridge Preparatory on 11 January. Each child was dressed in a neat new uniform and most had huge smiles on their bright little faces.

This is also a special year for the school as they prepare to celebrate their 20th year. Principal Hilton Scott said, “Our 20-year celebration is compatible in the private schools because we are relatively young, but have been able to establish ourselves in the area. We love welcoming new children and bringing back the old ones.”

The Grade 2s gave some advice to the Grade 1s such as, ‘be kind and help those around you’, ‘enjoy your time in Grade 1 because it’s fun’, and ‘behave because you will have more friends if you aren’t in trouble’.

Scott spoke about the advice he gives parents, “We encourage our parents to help their children to be more independent and to stand on their own feet as soon as possible. We are excited to work towards instilling 21st-century skills into our learners.”

Details: Trinityhouse Randpark Ridge Preparatory 011 794 479.

Ashtyn Mackenzie

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