We need more acts of kindness

Anonymous writes:

On 28 December last year, I was leaving Checkers, just off Hendrik Potgieter, when my bakkie just stopped without any warning. I could not understand why.

A very nice Indian gentleman stopped to assist me in getting my car out of the way. Sadly, people, in general, are very ugly and they hoot and swear as if you did this on purpose. Those people should be ashamed of themselves.

A taxi owner then stopped to assist me. He checked everything, from the battery to the petrol. He was fantastic. He eventually found the problem under the steering wheel. Some of the wires had frayed with age. He informed me the wires were very hot and this was dangerous.

He wired them enough for me to get to the car park at Builders Warehouse. Here, I ran in to get insulation tape. Of course, the queue was horrendous. Eventually, I got outside to find the taxi owner waiting patiently for me. He rewired my car, including a few other wires that looked a bit dodgy.

I told him I was not working, so I was unable to give him anything. His reply was, “If we cannot help each other, then we should not be here. One day you may end up helping my brother. You never know.”

I sadly did not get his name, but I would like to send a massive shout-out to this man and say thank you so very much. We need more people like you, for sure.

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