Police warn residents to safeguard homes

Randburg police officers warn residents to ensure that their homes are secured before leaving. Photo: File.


Randburg police officers have warned residents to ensure their residences are secured before leaving home and to be careful when entering their homes.

Spokesperson for Randburg Police Station, Captain Makgowanyane Maja said on 28 January, during the day, a family was robbed in their home in Hurlingham after returning from a shopping trip.

“On their return from the shops, they parked their vehicle inside the premises, preparing to offload the bought items, and this is when they were surprised by two armed suspects who demanded cash and jewellery,” said Maja.

He added that after the victims were allegedly robbed of their valuables, the suspects locked them inside the house and fled the scene.

Maja noted that no shots were fired and no one was injured during the incident.

Randburg police issued the following tips to avoid being targeted:


When exiting the residence:

• Before opening your perimeter gate, ensure there is no one loitering outside.

• As soon as you exit your property, set your alarm. If you cannot hear the system being set, install a small light on the outside of the house that is linked to the alarm system and shows when the alarm is set.

• Never drive away from your property without checking that the gate has closed properly.

• If you see any suspicious-looking individuals loitering near your home, do not approach them and rather call the relevant authorities.


While driving home:

• If you suspect that you are being followed, slow down at least two to three houses away from your home. By doing so you will force the vehicle behind you to pass and this could deter the criminals to lose interest.

• Always make sure that you can see the back wheels of the car in front of you when you are in traffic. This gives you enough room to escape.

• Never get out of your car in traffic when a car taps you from behind. Rather drive to the nearest public spot and signal the driver behind you to do the same.

Detail: Randburg Police Station 011 449 9100.

Gaahele Mokgoro

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