Excitement fills the athletics field

Tamara-Lee Roos throws the javelin for Aqua Lounge.

The Randburg Sports Complex was filled with colour and passion when Ferndale-based Radley Private School held its inter-house athletics competition.

Schoolchildren of the athletics houses, Aqua Lounge and Green House, were amped to compete on the field and test their physical skills.

The shot put and discus throw areas were abuzz with excitement, however, the most popular sporting event of the day was the javelin throw. Boys and girls lined up all day long to give it a try, whether competitively or not.

Despite his smaller size, Jenson Taylor (15) proved to be the master of the javelin throw, breaking the record three times and finishing with a distance of 26.6m.

“I have never done this before so it is amazing. I have really enjoyed it and I guess I have a good arm,” said Taylor.

In the end, Green House beat Aqua Lounge by 166–119. The points were based on results from the events as well as how many athletes volunteered to compete in the events.

“It was a fantastic day, everyone had so much fun,” said the school’s sports coordinator, Isaac Matladi.

“It is from today’s events that I can pick the school’s athletics team. One or two have really stood out from the rest today.”

Nicholas Zaal
News Editor

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