The 10 commandments of taking children to shopping centres

Parenting expert, Nikki Bush, presents her 10 commandments to parents at Cresta Shopping Centre.


CRESTA – Parenting expert, Nikki Bush recently spoke to parents about the 10 commandments for taking children to shopping centres.

Parents were invited to stay for the talk after having a tour of the newly opened Family Room at Cresta Shopping Centre. Bush explained by following her commandments, shopping will become a time for parents to connect with their children as well as a learning experience for them.

Nikki Bush’s 10 commandments for taking children to shopping centres:

1. Avoid rush hour between 5pm and 6pm as your children are depleted during this time and are more likely to throw a tantrum

2. Take your children shopping after their nap time as they will be well rested

3. Fit shopping into their routine by making it an outing for them. The view from a trolley is different to that from the floor, which makes the outing special

4. Always be prepared with a snack and juice for your child. It is also a good idea to feed your children before going to a restaurant because children may not be able to wait for their food

5. Refreshments are a good distraction for children being in confined spaces, such as a trolley

6. Focus on your children and read their needs before they get upset. For this reason, shopping is easier in pairs

7. Wear comfy shoes and plan your route so that you can miss rush hour and have convenient places to stop for refreshments or distractions along the route

8. Take a break to centre yourself and to let children ‘play out their sillies’

9. Tell your children about the ‘shopping plan’ so that it gives the trip predictability and does not overwhelm your children

10. Be assertive because as soon as you are not in control, your children will take the lead.

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