JW to pave a portion of Bram Fischer Drive walkway

The pavement was dug up on Bram Fischer Drive during the pipe replacement project. Photo: Supplied.



FERNDALE – The paving of sidewalks along Bram Fischer Drive between Grove and Hunter streets in Ferndale is set to commence next week

The City’s entities have agreed to fix the pavements. Photo: Supplied.


The sidewalks were dug up during the replacement of a large diameter water pipe last year. The pipe was replaced as a result of continuous bursts and multiple leaks along Bram Fischer Drive.

“The pipe upgrade project was not without frustration, the largest being the lack of proper reinstatement of the paving along the walkway,” said Ward 102 Councillor David Potter.

He said initially a Johannesburg Water contractor installed the fire hydrants in the middle of the walkway which has since been repaired.

“The contractor responsible for the project then reinstated the paving, with half an effort, causing the reinstated paving to collapse at various sections along the walkway. At some parts, the walkway was not even correctly reinstated with paving bricks, but left as mounds of compacted soil,” he said

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Potter said after the site inspections on 8 February, Johannesburg Water along with the Johannesburg Roads Agency, agreed to reinstate the pavement to the necessary standards by holding the contractor accountable and outsourcing a portion of the tar and curbing work to the roads agency.

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“It is clear that this project had little management and oversight by Joburg Water Capital Expenditure department, and the contractor allocated to the project was not initially held liable for any project close-off detail,” he said.

Potter concluded that pedestrians and cyclists were looking forward to the pavement being reinstated soonest, to bring safety and mobility back to the walkway along Bram Fischer Drive.

Johannesburg Water is expected to start paving the sidewalks next week. Photo: Supplied.

Johannesburg Water spokesperson, Tidimalo Chuene said they have agreed with the roads agency on which portions of paving they would take responsibility for reinstating. “Our capital projects department is working on the appointment of a contractor,” she said.

Chuene indicated that the contractor would begin work next week. “They will complete their specific portions within the week,” she said.

Details: Johannesburg Water 011 688 1400; Ward 102 councillor David Potter [email protected]

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