Meet Howler, the miaowing dog

Howler is now a happy and healthy puppy who would love a good home.


NORTH RIDING – The SPCA Randburg rescued a puppy from a field, but what makes this story different from the rest is his cat-like bark.

The little black and white puppy, nicknamed ‘Howler’ by SPCA staff, was handed over to the SPCA when someone found him at death’s door in a field on 4 January.

Inspectors were shocked to the core see the condition of this little guy, as he was covered in fleas, ticks, and had a number of diseases that threatened his life.

At the very young age of four-weeks-old, it was touch and go for a couple of weeks as Howler was treated by the vet daily. Each day he returned from the doggie doctor, the staff believed it may be his last one.

This naughty looking face shows what a special little puppy Howler is. With his is Lesley Smit, controller/inspector for Randburg SPCA.

As Howler slowly began to regain some of his strength and health, his cat-like personality started to emerge. Inspectors watched over him in amazement when one day he found his ‘voice’. His bark sounded strangely un-dog like. He would – at the top of his lungs – make a noise quite similar to a cat’s miaow.

Senior inspector Debbie Kegel said, “He was very young when he came to us. He was on death’s door. We can only attribute his squeaky sounding bark to his mix of breed, being a husky-cross collie.”

Not only does this puppy have the funniest personality but the fact that he has made such a miraculous recovery should indicate his willingness to survive.

He is looking for a truly amazing family which will treat him the way he deserves.

This ball of black and white fluff has made a miraculous recovery since he was found in a field in January.

Howler’s story, like many other rescues at the SPCA, are accounts of true commitment and dedication by the staff.

According to Charmaine Rowlands, who is a member of the Randburg SPCA management committee, the rate of euthanasia has drastically reduced.

“One dog that is euthanised is one too many but it shows that the community is really stepping up and adopting our animals by giving them another chance,” added Rowlands.

There are still animals at the SPCA that are special in their own way – they would love to make your family complete.

Details: Randburg SPCA 011 462 1610.

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Ashtyn Mackenzie

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