Telkom cables flooded

A Telkom contractor repairs cables in Northwold.

NORTHWOLD – A Northwold resident, Gerard Byrne, believes that water restrictions are here to stay if the City continues to take months to attend to water leaks.
This follows a complaint from Byrne, who had his Telkom line connection disrupted due to an underground leak.

“I had a network problem and Telkom contractors discovered that the cables were covered in water,” he said.

He added that contractors had to work long hours trying to pump out the water from the cable tunnel.

When Randburg Sun visited the site on 3rd Road, the workers were still busy pumping the water out of the tunnel and also insulating the cables to make sure they were water resistant.

“We have a water crisis in the country and we can’t even get the water department to assist us,” said Byrne.

Johannesburg Water spokesperson Eleanor Mavimbela advised residents to provide reference numbers or alternatively the nearest house number or intersection for them to investigate water problems.

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Siso Naile

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