Bargain prices for a good cause

Volunteers, staff and residents of Ry-Ma-In pack up after the fete.

LINDEN – Many bargains and ‘true gems’ were found at the annual fete of the Ry-Ma-In self-help centre for quadriplegics.

The fete is used to create awareness around the centre.

Volunteers ran stalls selling donated books, clothing, plants and picture frames, among others.

The same goods are sold in their charity shop daily.

Gladys Maecho browses through the racks of clothing in the charity shop.


Office manager at Ry-Ma-In, Hercie Blaauw, explained that although they have the charity shop, they still liked to hold the market to interact with the community and shine a spotlight on their centre.

Other ways in which to support the centre include supporting their recycling initiative by bringing paper, glass, cardboard and plastic to the centre. Another way is to support their upcoming events, which can be found on their Facebook page.

“The centre currently accommodates nine individuals and provides 24-hour care, three meals a day and transport. It costs R110 000 a month and disability grants are only R1 500 so we need the fundraising,” Blaauw explained.


Volunteers and residents of Ry-Ma-In centre discuss how the community should treat quadriplegics and what they can do for them:

LIAAM CAJEE: Support local centres such as Ry-Ma-In.


SHAMILA CAJEE: Be courteous and do not take advantage of disabled persons.


NICHOLAS VAN KRAAYENBURG: Support and create awareness about the centre that cares for the quadriplegics.


SHANAAZ CAJEE: People have become desensitised when they should be aware and make sure the environment is wheelchair friendly.


HERCIE BLAAUW: Treat them normally, you don’t have to speak loudly, and visit us at the centre as it can be lonely.


SHEREZAAD CAJEE: Make donations as every contribution is helpful.


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Amy Ingram

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