City Power begins prepaid meter replacement in more than 20 000 households

City Power will start to replace and install new prepaid meters.Photo: File/Pexels.


The installation and replacement of old meters with new prepaid electricity meters will save residents money.

City Power spokesperson, Hloni Motloung said old electricity meters including old prepaid meters would be removed and replaced with new prepaid meters in more than 20 000 homes in the next three months.

The new prepaid meters apparently have improved communication capacity and features and will be installed by contracted companies, Voltex, Actom and Landis+Gyr.

“City Power does not allow its customers to use their own private companies to install meters for them. Installation of meters for City Power customers is the prerogative and competence that lies solely with City Power,” said Motloung.

The campaign, Motloung added, was aimed at all customers, including business and residential patrons.

“But initial preference will be given to those experiencing problems, such as the lack of access to their properties to read meters, faulty meters and illegal connections,” he said.

The utility said power would be cheaper with the new meters because the system did not include additional charges a post-paid meter would impose, such as service and network access charges.

“For a prepaid meter you only pay what you consume. Customers can manage their electricity consumption and avoid billing estimations.”

In the next three months, beginning on 27 February the project will be implemented in Greenstone, Fleurhof, Pennyville, Naturena, Ennerdale, Bramley and Westdene.


So how will you know that your meter will be replaced?

  • You will receive a notice from City Power about the prepaid meter replacement
  • You should contact City Power on the number provided on the City Power notice to arrange for the installation. If you do not respond within seven days, the utility reserves the right to not supply you with a new meter
  • A City Power official will arrive at the premises to remove the existing meter and replace it with a prepaid meter
  • A prepaid meter will be preloaded with 10 units as a start-up. You should thereafter buy more units as soon as possible.


Recognising City Power contractors:

All City Power contractors can be identified by an access card with the following details: a card bearer’s name and surname, card bearer’s ID photo, an expiry date (if the card has already expired, that bearer is not authorised to work on the City Power network. No contractor is allowed to work with another person’s ID card.

For City Power employee/contractor verification please contact Risk and Security numbers at 011 490 7553/7504/7900/7911.

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