Radley Private School prepares its learners for a bright entrepreneurial future

CEO and founder of Raizcorp, Allon Raiz spends time at Radley Private School.


FERNDALE – The South African economy is in need of entrepreneurs to boost trade and reduce the high numbers of unemployment. Radley Private School has begun incorporating entrepreneurship skills into its curriculum to combat the shortage of business acumen skills.

The school, through one of its investors Raizcorp, will begin the shift at the school to ensure their learners are well equipped to deal with the real world, once they leave school.

CEO and founder of Raizcorp, Allon Raiz was born to entrepreneurial parents whom he said gave him an understanding of the language of business that he recommended learners be taught at a young age.

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He spoke passionately about helping each learner reach their full potential and said through modernising the standard classroom structure, the learners are given the freedom to choose the best and most comfortable way to absorb information.

“Classrooms need to be inspirational, comfortable and a place where you want to be instead of a dreaded, uncomfortable environment with some adult droning away in the background,” Raiz explained.

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He further explored the idea that schools needed to ensure they understood and addressed the unique academic and entrepreneurial potential of each and every learner so they could successfully tap into and unleash tomorrow’s millionaires and employers.

“Learning entrepreneurship should not just be a stand-alone subject but should be incorporated into all the subjects, even English, geography and maths.”

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