Residents of Region B get an overview of the state of their areas

Ward councillor David Potter addresses the public on the State of the City with councillors Nicole van Dyk, Mike Wood and Beverly Jacobs.



A cluster public meeting to update residents on the state of the wards was hosted at Blairgowrie Recreation Centre on 9 March.

The hall was packed with residents, stakeholders and members of residents’ associations. Ward 102 councillor David Potter opened the meeting by giving a brief overview on the state of the City. He explained that since the elections it had not been an easy ride. “To turn the City around will take time and money,” said Potter.

Some of the pressing issues that will be addressed are housing units, informal settlements, homeless shelters, additional Metro police officers, rejuvenation of major intersections, potholes, Metro buses and clinics.

Ward 98 councillor Beverly Jacobs discussed some of the issues and triumphs faced by her ward, namely the Roosevelt substation, overcrowding and poorly maintained roads.

“It takes small steps at a time to make sure everything runs smoothly. We are delighted that work on the substation has started but it will take time and I thank my residents for their passion,” she said.

David Potter discusses the successes in Ward 102 with Nicole van Dyk, Mike Wood and Beverly Jacobs.

Next to outline ward achievements was Ward 104 councillor Mike Wood.

He explained the recent partnership with City Rock and City Parks and Zoo to rejuvenate the park in Fontainebleau.

He rejoiced at the introduction of new residents’ associations in Strijdom Park and Fontainebleau.

“We, as councillors, work tirelessly to make sure every issue that affects residents is handled swiftly and accurately,” said Wood.

Nicole van Dyk, Ward 99 councillor, was pleased to announce that much of the progress that has been made in the ward is due to residents participating and becoming involved.

“Metro police have shifted a gear and have become very active by ensuring traffic-regulating measures, especially when traffic lights are faulty,” commented Van Dyk.

She continued to stress the importance of residents engaging with entities such as City Power and Joburg Water.

Potter – who has most of Randburg CBD in his ward – had many successes, such as the recently maintained Blairgowrie swimming pool and Bright Water Commons, which will be partially taken over by Urban Brew.

“Randburg has become brighter and safer since the bridge has been removed. Also, thanks to the street committees and RAs who help councillors do their jobs.”

He added that the Randburg Sports Complex is in desperate need of maintenance.

The meeting is well attended by residents, ward stakeholders and councillors.

Judging from the general question-and-answer session, residents had problems with mostly meter-reading inaccuracies or problems with potholes being incorrectly repaired, poor Pikitup delivery and general trouble in reporting issues to the relevant stakeholders.

Details: Councillors Mike Wood 082 853 2174; Beverly Jacobs 074 882 3017; Nicole van Dyk 071 382 1992; David Potter 082 885 9688.

Ashtyn Mackenzie

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