Meet Curro’s executive head

JC Engelbrecht is the new principal for Curro Aurora.


Meet JC Engelbrecht, the new Curro Aurora Executive Head who was brought into the Curro Aurora team this year.
His name may sound familiar to you – and it should.
Engelbrecht is also known as a SABC 2 and 3 weatherman .
Studying the weather is not his only talent, however as he also has a Master’s degree in Environmental Management and Policy Development and has 27 years’ experience in the education sector.

“I have always been involved in education; I started my career in 1990. I come from a family that was involved in education, so for me, it was almost natural to go into education,” said Engelbrecht.

His new role as Executive Head of Curro Aurora is mostly a managerial role, but he does have the freedom to visit a class now and then.

“I like the freedom I have; it takes me away from my desk and into the classroom. This helps me interact with the learners and staff.”

Engelbrecht hopes with his years of experience he will play a role in the development of the Curro curriculum, contribute to sound financial planning as well as make sure Curro Aurora has the top teachers in the business.

“I am grateful to the staff and parents for such a warm welcome. I hope to have years of interaction with them to ensure that our learners and their parents are happy at Curro Aurora,” added Engelbrecht.

Above all else, he feels that that quality, value-driven education is the only way for the next generation to acquire the skills needed to become real game-changers, not only in school but as citizens in our country.”

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Ashtyn Mackenzie

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