The Panther back in the ring for first title

Ashley Fourie and Patrick Mukala at the Randburg Boxing Club preparing for his match on 25 March.

With seven fights and six knockouts under his belt, Randburg boxer Patrick Mukala will attempt to take the World Boxing Association Pan African Super Middle Weight title, a vacant title.

With no doubt about his win, Mukala (23) trains for six hours every day before his 25 March match in Kempton Park against Ghanian Daniel Lartey.

Nothing can beat Patrick Mukala’s spirit as he takes on Daniel Lartey for the Pan African Super Middleweight title on 25 March.

Mukala has been making waves in the boxing ring since he started competing in South Africa two years ago.

Daniel Mathole, Mukala’s best friend, introduced him to Ashley Fourie, owner of the Randburg Boxing Club where he now spends most of his time.

Fourie said he knew right away that Mukala can become a world champion.

“He is an all-rounder, I have never come across a boxer like this. I have waited my whole life for something like this to come along,” he said.

Patrick Mukala warming up at the Randburg Boxing Club.

Fourie believes Mukala has a killing instinct next to none in the ring. He is like a predator that senses their opponent’s distress and takes them out, he said.

“He is married to boxing, to the adrenaline that comes with it.”

Nicknamed ‘The Panther’, Mukala had already finished 11 fights in Congo, where his mother and father are currently praying for his victory, before coming to South Africa for ‘better opportunities’.

“I am training hard and dedicating myself,” he said about preparing for the upcoming fight.

Patrick Mukala is preparing for the World Boxing Association Pan African Super Middleweight Title.

Promoted by Real Steel Promotion and sponsored by MTK (Mack The Knife), if Mukala takes the title, it will open the door to world rankings.

“If he wins this fight, we will compete among the top 50 super middleweights in the world. A few more fights and he could end up at Wembley Stadium,”

He is currently the number one middleweight boxer according to Boxing South Africa ratings. His vision, Mukala said, is to become a world champion.

If you would like to see the match on 25 March at the Kempton Park Sports Arena, you can call Fourie on 072 297 1811 for tickets.

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