Mukala comes out tops

Patrick Mukala keeps Daniel Lartey in a corner at the Pan African Super Middleweight title on 25 March.

After winning his first title fight by technical knockout in the eighth of 12 scheduled rounds, Patrick ‘The Panther’ Mukala is now ranked the 38th best Super Middleweight boxer in the world.

Mukala prepared for the World Boxing Association Pan African Super Middleweight title fight for six hours a day before the 25 March fight against Ghanian Daniel Lartey at the Kempton Park Indoor Sports Arena.

The 10th and only title fight of the night kicked off at about 11pm with the arena packed with supporters and boxing legends including Nick Durandt.

Before the fight got underway, Mukala (76.05 kg) and Lartey (76.15 kg) both eyed the never-worn-before golden title belt.

Patrick Mukala with coaches Ashley Fourie, André Smit and Sheldon Fourie. Photo: Nick Lourens Photography.

In the first round, Lartey’s skill and endurance were evident, but The Panther was lightning fast, dodging jabs as fast as he delivered them. His left punch, well trained and highly effective, constantly surprised Lartey and impressed the judges.

“He could have fought all of the 12 rounds,” said his coach Ashley Fourie of the Randburg Boxing Club.

“I am happy now, this is the first step,” Mukala said.

He thanked his parents back in Congo, and his fans who came out in their numbers to support him.

The next step for The Panther, Fourie said, was a fight either in America or Europe.

“We now need a few good fights for the experience. We are aiming for Las Vegas,” he added.

Patrick Mukala from the Randburg Boxing Club after his first title win in Kempton Park on 25 March.

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