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Crest School founder and principle Carrie Mercado welcomes parents to experience what the school has to offer.

The Centre for Remedial Education and Support Therapy (Crest), is a centre that’s passionate about providing children who have special needs, with a nurturing, supportive and educational environment. The centre caters to school children from grades 0 to 7 and also has a high school catering to grades 8 to 11.

The non-profit organisation recently hosted its open day on 1 April at the Crest Primary School, which is based in Ferndale.

The founder and principal of the centre, Carrie Mercado said the school helps children reach their full potential.

She was inspired to establish the school six years ago in her own home, before moving to the school’s current premises. It became apparent to her that there were children who were not finding a school that catered to their needs.

“I’ve always been in remedial work since I was first trained and this is the third school I’ve headed since I initially was the head of a Vuleka school. I then did my master’s degree in Asperger’s syndrome, which is on the autistic spectrum. While I headed my second school I was hankering to get back to my knowledge base, which is working with children who have learning disabilities. After five years, I decided to open my own school,” explained Mercado.

Lynette Ngwenya,Kayla Keating, Janine Jacobs and Carrie Mercado work hard to make Crest School a happy learning environment.

Crest deputy principal, Claudia Crompton said it is a school for children who are not managing to thrive in a mainstream environment. The school follows a differentiated curriculum that may be skills-based or a more academically inclined group who follow the curriculum assessment policy (Cap).

“We offer remedial assistance, small classes and art class and we have exercise groups every morning in order to stimulate the various parts of the body. These relate to most of the work an occupational therapist would do in getting the children to understand the type of environment they are in, by integrating the right and left sides of their bodies,” said Crompton.

Mercado said the school aims to provide pupils with a holistic environment that is not just reduced to the curriculum. She encourages parents to visit the school to get a feel and energy of the school when the children are present, which she said really makes a difference.

Details: Crest School 011 782 6102; [email protected]

Naledi Mokoena

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