Two women rape and steal from unsuspecting victim in Northgate

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Police are on the lookout for three female suspects who were allegedly involved in a robbery.

The spokesperson for the Honeydew Police Station, Captain Balan Muthan said they are investigating charges including motor vehicle theft, rape and theft.

According to Muthan, on 25 of September last year, the victim in the matter said that he was robbed at his house while he slept, after returning to his home in Northgate with his friend and three women he did not know.

The spokesperson for the Honeydew police, captain Balan Muthan urges residents to come forward if they have any information regarding the robbery.

According to Muthan, the victim left his friend and the women in his lounge and went to sleep.

However, shortly thereafter the two women entered his bedroom. He further explained that the women proceeded to rape him and gave him a sedative, which rendered him asleep.

According to police, when the man woke up he found that his household items had been stolen as was his car.

Muthan pointed out that several cellphones, shoes, clothes, a laptop, a PlayStation and a silver Jeep Wrangler were stolen.

Muthan said if anyone has information regarding the robbery they should contact him on 011 801 8400.

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