Be alert this Easter

The Easter season is one of the busiest times of the year where public and holiday places are crowded with people who are either travelling or enjoying their free time.

During this period there is also a high prevalence of crime-related incidents. Linden Police Station spokesperson Captain Walter Spencer said there is a high theft rate from suspects using car jamming.

When people walk away while pressing their key, it’s important that they stand next to their vehicle to ensure that it’s locked.

“Valuables such as laptops, wallets and cellphones are things that are taken the most, even from the boot, so don’t just leave valuables in your car. Busy garages with shops are mostly used by jammers in the mornings when people stop for coffee,” said Captain Spencer.

He advised that people who are affected by car jammers report the incident to the garage management and get the names of the people you spoke to.

The garage managers must save the footage and victims must go to the police station, even at a later stage, when they discover that a crime has been committed.

Parkview Police Station spokesperson, Captain Tinswalo Sibeko offers the following safety tips:

  • Never leave your car unlocked, even if it’s for a few minutes
  • Instal an audible alarm, which activates as soon as a door or window is broken, which will attract attention
  • Always make an effort to park behind a locked gate
  • Residents must also avoid parking in the street or driveway, as criminals see this as an opportunity to break into a car
  • The quicker a stolen vehicle is reported, the better the chances are for its recovery.

Details: Linden Police Station 011 888 9299; Parkview Police Station 011 486 5000.

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Naledi Mokoena

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