Final verdict not in for Karee Street water pipes

Resident Chantal Ramsundhar stands on Karee Street where households are frequently without water.

Residents of Karee Street continue to have days without water due to the ageing infrastructure.

Resident Chantal Ramsundhar said that her geyser recently burst and according to the plumber who came out to fix it, the geyser had been affected by the numerous water cuts.

The pipes in the area are still old asbestos/cement water pipes that burst frequently.

Joburg Water has so far been quick to respond to the bursts but residents are frustrated and want a permanent solution.

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Holes and paving left on the side of the road where Joburg Water accessed the burst pipes.

Ward 134 councillor Wendy Alexander explained that a project to replace the pipes would be part of the ward’s integrated development planning (IDP).

Wards 97, 134 and 126 held their meeting on 4 April at the Boskruin Recreation Centre. However, Alexander said,

“The City is still busy with public participation [with] no outcome [on the replacement plan] as of yet, as the process is still ongoing at this point.”

The large IDP meeting for all the wards in Region C is set for 20 April at the Roodepoort City Hall.

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