Small in size, big in fun

Emily Harris (Cedar Lakes), Joel McCauley (Eagle Canyon), Raphael Durig and Luke Harris vie for possession.

Some of the soccer stars might have been tiny, but their passion and excitement was too contagious to contain.

Little bodies ran around the small field at Eagle Canyon Football Club as adoring parents and siblings cheered on from the sidelines with encouraging shouts.

Alexander Pitsiladis takes the ball forward for Eagle Canyon.

Kyalami Knight Riders and Cedar Lakes Football Club were the visiting teams, as six thrilling matches were played between the three residential estates between U5 and U12 level.

“We had a few late withdrawals but the turnout was still excellent,” said Peter Grgin, the owner of the three clubs.

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He added that because the matches were friendlies, no official scores were recorded.

“What stood out for me was all the fun the children had. We even had a family or two join us for the first time.”

Joshua Williams of Eagle Canyon and Aiden Kilfoil of Cedar Lakes vie for possession.

The clubs try to play together every month, and the next meeting is set to take place at Cedar Lakes Residential Estate on 6 May.

Grgin said the estates mainly played with 6-a-side teams, but teams could range from anything between four and seven players. Grgin and fellow coach Gary Avnit both have experience playing in the National Premier Soccer League before they went into coaching.

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Raphael Durig plays for Eagle Canyon.


Alexander Pitsiladis is on the attack for Eagle Canyon.


Aiden Kilfoil moves the ball upfield for Cedar Lakes.


Joel McCauley of Eagle Canyon and Emily and Luke Harris of Cedar Lakes, pursue the ball.


Emily Harris throws the ball in for Cedar Lakes.


Alexander Pitsiladis defends the ball for Eagle Canyon.


Joshua Williams kicks the ball upfield for Eagle Canyon.


Aiden Kilfoil of Cedar Lakes holds the ball off from Alexander Pitsiladis of Eagle Canyon behind him.


Luke Harris (centre) carries the ball forward for Cedar Lakes.

Details: Eagle Canyon Football Club [email protected] or 082 572 4071.

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Nicholas Zaal
News Editor

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