The magic of reading

The Nemo class listens carefully to a Dr Seuss novel. Photo: Supplied.


Magic Beings Nursery School, Creche and Swimming School, held a ‘Storybook Evening’ on 23 April.

The day was held in celebration and in honour of World Book Day. Teachers and children wore pyjamas for the day and were treated to hot chocolate with marshmallows. It was great fun for the children to be at school, in their sleeping clothes.

Little ones from the Turbo class use puppets to act out the story book. Photo: Supplied.

Puppets and props were used to bring the stories to life while the children’s imaginations did the rest.

A wide variety of books were on sale for parents to browse through at their leisure. A few even donated books to their children’s classes, while enjoying their hot chocolate and socialising with other parents.

The junior children enjoy a cup of hot chocolate. Photo: Supplied.

Details: Magic Beings, 011 023 8821.

Ashtyn Mackenzie

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