Trolley pushers are not only a problem on Joburg roads

Recyclers dump rubbish in an open space. Photo: Supplied



Some residents in the Randburg area are convinced that dumping of trash and garbage in open spaces is allegedly done by trolley pushers and recyclers.

While they try to make end meets by collecting recyclable materials from suburbs’ dustbins, they allegedly leave a trail of trash in open spaces.

Some of the trash allegedly dumped by trolley pushers in Bordeaux. Photo: Supplied


Residents complain that garbage is dumped all over the open spaces within their suburbs, despite numerous clean-ups. One of the hotspots where residents experience this plight is an open space close to the Braamfontein Spruit at the old Parktonian Sports Club complex in Bordeaux.

Some of the recyclable material dumped in Bordeaux. Photo: Supplied

Residents usually hold clean-up initiatives on Saturday mornings. However, their efforts are in vain as trolley pushers use this open space to separate recyclable material from what they do not need, which they leave behind.

Some of the recyclable material dumped in Bordeaux. Photo: Supplied

“These guys go through the dustbins in our area but they dump those items that they do not need in the open space,” said Chris Thomas from Bordeaux South Residents Association (BSRA).

“This is hazardous to the environment as well.”


Residents complain that trolley pushers and recyclers do not care about the environment. Photo: Supplied

Thomas said there was a need for people to take responsibility rather than just leaving garbage lying all over the open spaces, as is happening in Bordeaux.

Dumped items are left in an open space in Bordeaux. Photo: Supplied


A trolley pusher was spotted while he separates unwanted items from the recyclable material in Bordeaux. Photo: Supplied

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