Don’t miss Chéri Chérie at Rand Park High School

Amazing dance performances from the diamond doll dancers entertain the audience.

Prepare to be entertained at this year’s spine-chillingly brilliant Rand Park High School production of Chéri Chérie.

The first stage rehearsal was performed in front of dozens of Grade 6 learners from local primary schools in the area on 15 May. The production troupe is always delighted to have young spectators witness their first debut. Children are very honest and the organic reactions from their gasps, to their giggles created the perfect mix for a debut stage rehearsal.

Stage lighting and beautiful dances transport the audience to a place of love.

The stage is set in 1900 where novice writer Christian (played by Richard Kaldenberg) starts working on his lifetime masterpiece. His Parisian neighbours are none other than troupe performers led by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (Odin Simapungula). They enlist Christian to complete a script they intend to sell to the owner of Chéri Chérie, Madame Fonteine (Lihle Dhlamini).

Even the gents pop a move or two.

Christian meets with star dancer and actress Saltine (Gugu Nyoni) to discuss their proposal and is instantly infatuated with her. Unbeknown to the pair, Madame Fonteine has promised Satine to the wealthy duke (Dean Eatwell), a potential investor. He is persuaded to financially support the new play in exchange for Satine.

Welcome to Paris’s Chéri Chérie where the dancers and performances are spectacular.

Throughout the rehearsals, Christian and Satine gradually fall madly in love, despite Satine’s desire for glitz, glamour and diamonds. The Duke becomes deeply jealous and suspicious of the pair and Madame Fonteine forces Satine to break off her romance with Christian.

Without wanting to give away any more, you may have guessed the play has been adapted from Moulin Rouge.

Young ‘Christian’ (Richard Kaldenberg) blows the audience away with his smooth vocal talent.

Duets from leads such as Richard Kaldenberg and Odin Simapungula will have the audience mesmerised. The dazzling Gugu Nyoni manages to transport spectators with her powerful voice to the streets of Paris where love is always in the air.

The brilliant costumes and stage production add to the success of the production. Music from the school’s band is superb. This is no usual high school production; in fact it could give Broadway a run for their money.

Christian (Richard Kaldenberg) and Satine (Gugu Nyoni) captivate the audience with their on-stage chemistry.

Chéri Chérie’s gala performance will be on 18 May at 7pm. Two more shows have been introduced due to popular demand on 19 and 20 May.

Tickets need to be bought before time at R50 a seat.

Details: Rand Park High School, 011 793 1246.

Ashtyn Mackenzie

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