Animal activist needs your helps

Klarika Nomsa from the Bloubosrand Community Forum and Animal Welfare Group writes:

Dearest friends and supporters, thank you for your comments and concerns. Please pray and be of good cheer, everything will improve.

I most urgently need everything for the animals – dog or cat food, tick and flea products, Vaseline, blankets and more. Domesticated animals are helpless, they need our constant love, care and protection. Animals are so wonderful, they will never let you down or forsake you. Scientists have established a long time ago that the abuse of animals is the root cause of brutality among humans [should I] need to say more? The horrific abuse of women and children is proof of it. The moment animals are abused, respect for life has gone. Obviously a plant-based diet would change the world within one year for the better, but at least only free range animal products should be sold. Animal factory farms and chicken batteries are an absolute hell and should be outlawed, in fact it should never have been started.

Please friends, take action.

Also, goods for children and adults are urgently needed.

Kindly drop your donations into the box/trolley provided at Broad Acres Super Spar or at Douglasdale Pick n Pay stores. Or contact 072 482 5849 to obtain my street address.

Randburg Sun

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