Blairgowrie Primary School collects blankets for a good cause

Lauren and Bianca Lachman are overjoyed with being a part of something great.

Winter chills will be no more thanks to the efforts of Blairgowrie Primary School whose blanket drive is set to help hundreds of people in need.

Sisters, Lauren and Bianca Lachman, who are both part of the Johannesburg Mini Council, managed to round up their fellow schoolmates to help those in need of some warmth this winter.

The blanket collection took place over one month and as Lakshmi shared, the school managed to gather close to 300 blankets. “It feels good to give back to the community and help others,” said Lakshmi.

Schoolchildren of Blairgowrie Primary School sit on the hundreds of blankets that will soon assist those in need.

She added that she found comfort in being part of those who strive to make the community a more loving place through this one act of kindness. “My sister and I spent the early parts of a winter morning selling blankets. It is usually not easy finding spare blankets in homes.”

The pair went on to buy blankets and sold them at a profit and the people bought the blankets and them donated them back to them. With the generated profit, the sisters bought extra blankets.

All of these blankets will be give to various charities around the city.

Schoolchildren lay out some of the blankets received.

Bianca said her schoolmates were proud to be part of this initiative knowing it was going to a good cause. “Selling on the side of the road was not easy, it was very cold, though it was great as many people came out to support us as they saw the beautifully coloured blankets.”

Lachman concluded that she was made happy with the fact that her gesture would make someone smile out of appreciation.

“I am very happy that it will help make someone warm this winter.”

Blankets of all sorts are collected by Blairgowrie Primary School.


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