Is paint too big an ask?

Mike Bernard writes:

These days it’s dark in the early mornings when travelling to work.

Would it be too much to ask the Johannesburg Roads Agency to get a tin of road paint and paint over the faded road markings going North on Beyers Naudé Drive where it meets Frederick Drive since the streetlights have been out since I don’t know when?

The taxis usually swerve from one invisible lane to the next.

The same goes for the three-lane stretch of the same road in front of the World Wear mall. The rough tarmac visible in one’s headlights suggests a two lane road as it actually used to be.

I have twice seen out-of-town motorists who are unfamiliar with the virtually invisible lane allocation being bumped by impatient locals as the out-of-town drivers appeared to follow the rough tarmac visible in their headlights, thus crossing unknowingly from one invisible lane to the adjacent one.


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