Housebreaking on the rise for Blairgowrie, Linden, Robin Hills, Fontainbleau and Jacanlee

There has been an increase in housebreakings in multiple suburbs in the area.

Linden police spokesperson Captain Walter Spencer confirmed that there were housebreakings in Blairgowrie, Linden, Robin Hills, Fontainbleau and Jacanlee. In some areas, there were multiple incidents.

“These housebreakings occur during the day when people are out. The suspects either lift the main gate or break open the pedestrian gate to enter the yard and then enter the house by breaking a door or window,” said Spencer.

In some cases, the suspects only took two to three minutes to complete the housebreaking and leave before security companies can react.

Items such as televisions, phones, laptops and jewellery were taken. He discussed how some of the houses had not activated their alarms.

“It’s very important to secure your gate with locks and an alarm. The extra time the suspect takes to disable the gate will give the security company more time to stop or arrest suspects.”

Spencer urged the community to get to know their neighbours and encouraged people to join the various networks available at their local Community Policing Forum (CPF). “The CPF strength lies in community participation and the role player in the community to sustain the different forums that the members initiate.”

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The police do targeted patrols and use stats on reported cases to work a patrol sheet for crime prevention and sector patrols, added Spencer. This is why it was so important for residents to report crime in their area.

“We also get good convictions for suspects traced through our detectives and crime intelligence. Joint operations are conducted with security companies and we have a meeting every Tuesday at 8.30am with security and the CPF at the station to discuss crime issues.”

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Details: Linden Police Station 011 888 9299.




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