One step to Rubik’s champion

Curro Aurora High School's Ruben Grobler is the new (Rubik's Cube done with feet) African and South African record holder.


Curro Aurora High School’s Ruben Grobler has become a phenomenon in the Rubik’s Cube world.

In just three months, the Grade 8 boy has become the new African and South African Rubik’s Cube record holder (using his feet) as well as the current national record holder for the cube called, Pyraminx.

Grobler has also won six, second-place finishes and four, third-place finishes in various competitions. His results have catapulted him to being ranked as the third-best all round cuber in Africa.

The World Cube Association (WCA) is the worldwide organisation that regulates and holds competitions around the world for the Rubiks Cube and many other officially recognised cubes (puzzles).

The most common Rubik’s is referred to as a 3×3 cube due to the number of squares and solving possibilities.

There are 43 quintillion permutations. Other official cubes are 4×4, 5×5, 6×6 and 7×7.

Competitions are won based on the competitor’s average time to solve five attempts at each cube, lowest single solves are, however, taken for the record.

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