Trinityhouse heightens its senses

The Grade 000s play with a sensory tray at Trinityhouse Pre-primary Randpark Ridge. Photo: Supplied.

Trinityhouse Pre-primary Randpark Ridge encouraged its children to engage all their senses as they spent time in the school’s sensory garden.

Our five senses of sight, sound, touch, taste and smell were used boldly by the children during garden play as a way to learn about the natural world. The schools marketing officer, Robyn Aingworth said the sensory garden had been created so it would be of use to the children all year round.


The sensory found at Trinityhouse Pre-primary Randpark Ridge is full of plants that children can see, touch, smell and maybe even taste. Photo: Supplied.

“The Sensory Garden was built in 2012 by the previous principal, Lorraine Ruddy and current Grade 00 teacher, Shirley Edwards,” explained Aingworth.

“That is why indigenous and evergreen plants form the basic layout of the garden, to which seasonal plants are added,” said Aingworth.

She concluded by saying the sensory garden offers a quiet repose from the business of the general outdoor playground. “All the children enjoy spending time in the garden and in their natural world.”

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