Breaking new ground at Trinityhouse

Principal of Trinityhouse Northriding Preparatory, Lana Meintjies says the school's smallness aids to the family feel it gives off.

Trinityhouse Northriding Preparatory is proud to let the community know that its school will grow larger with the addition of three new classrooms.

The school’s proud principal, Lana Meintjies was overwhelmed with excitement about the expansion and what this means for the school. As they are a feeder school for Trinityhouse Randpark Ridge one of her biggest lessons for the school has been to find its uniqueness and stay true to it.

Lana Meintjies sits surrounded by some of the bold little minds that enrich Trinityhouse Northriding Preparatory.

The school’s newest additions will include two Grade R classes as well as a Grade 0 class.

“We love that we have been able to grow so organically,” said Meintjies.

Ultimately the school has hopes to expand further in future but Meintjies explained that teachers and parents alike like that the school is as small as it is because it gives off that family feel.

“I think that small schools like ours give children a good foundation as each level of schooling gets bigger.”

Another new addition to the school will be its sensory garden and as Meintjies described this is exactly what little children need to start them off on the right foot.

She explained that a child is born with about a billion neurons and once it sees something that attracts it, it will want to figure out what this object is.

“It will put it in its mouth, smell it, and touch it and this sends messages to the brain using the sensory system which helps develop the neurological pathway.”


Lana Meintjies gets her hands dirty to make sure Trinityhouse Northriding Preparatory will be ready by next year.

Meintjies has been part of the school for three years and said that what makes the school so unique is its small classes which aid to the attention that is given to an individual child.

She credited her personal growth to the school and said that it allowed her to have her own approach to teaching while still keeping the Trinityhouse ethos.

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