Pensioner rebate threshold to increase to R2,5 mil

At a recent council meeting, the new pensioner rebates and the rebate threshold for the next financial year were announced.

As the latest property valuations are coming to an end, communities have expressed concern over monthly rates pensioners will have to pay since the value of their properties would likely increase past the R2 million threshold.

This threshold has therefore been proposed to increase from R2 million to R2,5 million, a 25 per cent increase.

If a pensioner between 60 and 69 years old has a gross monthly income of less than R9 245 a month and the new property value is R2.5 million or less then they qualify for a 100 per cent property rates rebate.

If their gross monthly income is more than R9 245 but less than R15 845 and the value is R2,5 million or less, they qualify for a 50 per cent rebate.

A resident of 70 years and older with a property valued at R2,5 million or less qualifies for a 100 per cent rebate.

Ward 117 councillor, Tim Truluck, explained that these criteria have not yet been adopted so residents can’t apply yet. He also reminded that all residents who currently have a pensioner rebate will have to re-apply by July.

“They will only need to do this once during the new valuation period of four or five years.”

Residents now have 30 days to comment or object on the proposed rebates. Send them to

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