VOX POP: Appreciating the heritage of different cultures

September is Heritage Month, and it’s all about recognising all the aspects of South African culture which are both tangible and intangible.

This includes appreciating creative expressions such as music and performances, historical inheritance, language, food and history.

It is also a time to respect the heritage of others who have chosen to make South Africa their home.

The Randburg Sun spoke to parents at the British International Preparatory School during their annual International Day on 7 September, asking them what their favourite thing was about their heritage.


Victoria Chilengi – Zambia: “My country has deep roots in its culture. No matter where we are, we do not let go of our cultrure, and we always come together. We always love one another in happy and sad times, and it is a similar belief as Ubuntu is here.”


Signe Christiansen – Denmark: “My favourite thing about Denmark is that we have a welfare system that means everyone has more or less equal opportunities. The state takes care of everybody, making sure that no one gets left behind.”


Julia Moreira – Portugal: “My husband is Portuguese, and from him, I have learned a lot about this culture. They truly value and celebrate their heritage and history. Every little part of their culture and language has a story behind it, which I find simply fascinating.”


Gladstone Barrett – Jamaica: “Jamaica is a small country. Our population is just over 2,6 million people, but globally we have made a significant impact. We have a motto that says ‘out of many, one people’, and like South Africa, we are a nation made up of a diverse group of people, but predominantly proudly African.”


Amanda Fischer – Switzerland: “What I love about the Swiss culture is how they take care of their people and environment. Everyone just understands the value of taking care of what is around you, and it makes the country stronger and stronger.”


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