UPDATE: Community comes to the aid of bee attack victims

Two informal recyclers are recovering well in hospital after they were horrifically attacked by a swarm of bees.

The recyclers and a paramedic were stung by a swarm of bees on the afternoon of 7 September in Geneva Road as reported on the Randburg Sun website.

A fire extinguisher was used to ward off the swarm.

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Community member Sammy Parrish, who visited the men in the hospital said, “The men were taken to Helen Joseph Hospital, where Simon suffered two heart attacks and had to be resuscitated.

Both men are stable and Tshepo has been discharged.”

These care packages from One Small Act of Kindness were delivered to the injured men.

According to Parrish, Tshepo said that he is reluctant to leave the hospital because ‘Simon is his best friend in the world and they rely on each other to survive.’

Parrish was accompanied to the hospital by Kelly-Ann van der Meer from One Small Act of Kindness.

The charity gave both men care packs and told them that ‘their trolleys were safe.’


Community member Sammy Parrish gives Simon a care package from One Small Act of Kindness at Helen Joseph Hospital.

Parrish added, “Tshepo sobbed in our arms, traumatised by his ordeal, but relieved that people care for them both. Both will be going to trauma counselling later this week.

“The Blairgowrie community has once again pulled together immediately and collected replacement clothing, shoes and blankets for the men. They generously put some funds together for these men to make up for their loss of recycling income due to their hospitalisation.”

The Blairgowrie Community Association would also like to thank Beagle Watch Armed Response and the paramedics who assisted the men on the day.


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