Robin Hills Primary School turns 40

It was party time at Robin Hills Primary School recently when it celebrated its 40th birthday.

It was such a party, in fact, one had to wonder who had more fun, the children or the parents.


The principal of Robin Hills Primary School, Danielle Holland cuts the school’s 40th birthday cake.

The principal of the school, Danielle Holland, said the day was filled with many activities for the children to enjoy.

She also cited how it was an important day to celebrate because it served as a milestone.

“The school has come through major strides through the last 40 years and big changes have come for the better, the parent’s support was also a great addition to the day,” she said.

Holland added it was vital for the school’s success to foster a positive relationship with the parents and teachers so that the success can carry on for the next 40 years.


40 balloons were released to mark 40 years of the school’s success.

Holland explained she has been at the school for 10 years now and her time there has been a growing experience.

“Being here has been something I have enjoyed and I am passionate about the learners and education,” she said.

She hoped that the children feel a daily sense of love and to know that they are in a safe place where they are valued and matter, “they should be able to come to us as teachers and know that we are there to listen, because that is what we are here for,” said Holland.

Her hopes for the school is for it to see another 40 years and that they might grow from strength to strength.

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